Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have to Vent about MOB Wives Season 3 Finale

I know I never post here anymore but I wanted to vent about the Season 3 finale of MOB Wives that just aired a few days ago....and then send it off into the cyber world and see if anyone has anything to say about it.
I can't STAND Love (not sure how thats her name, BTW). Love is a bully. A trashy bully. She gets high off of proving she's tough. I can't believe she pulled such a bitch move on Carla when she was trying to talk to her and did nothing to taunt her. She's like a child who doesn't think. Even if her made up reasons for not liking Carla were true, they are ridiculous.
Renee is partly to blame for this since she totally made up that Carla wasn't going to the botox party because she had an issue with Love. I hope she feels bad about instigating now. I do love that Carla stood her ground. Yes, everyone warned her about Love's temper, but I love that it didn't make her scared to be around her, go talk to her, etc. When the fight broke out, she was on her own and went NUTS swinging! Good for you, Carla!
I feel like every other so-called bad ass was scared of Love and trying not to upset her.
Drita: I was disappointed to see how little she defended Carla when everyone would talk about her this season, especially after Carla spent all of last season having Drita's back. Drita barely even seemed upset that Love attacked her friend at her party. She was really pissed when she thought someone in her family could be in the fight but then she finds out it was between Carla and Love and was like "Oh." Drita didn't say one bad thing about Love (at least on camera) after that fight broke out at her party. All she said was "I'm not happy about this." But not one word about being angry at her.
Karen: Couldn't even tell Love that she fucked up by doing what she did at the party. Instead she just says "yeah i dont like her either but i told her i was taking you guys to talk". At some point she even tells her "I understand where you're coming from." Stop kissing her ass.
No one will step up to Love and tell her that she's wrong or that she sucks.
Fortunately, Love was fired and won't be coming back next season! She apparently was also not allowed to go on the reunion. Score!
If anyone reads this and has an opinion on the topic, talk to me!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photographer/Molester in Miami

CC by Oliver Degabriele
**Transferred from another blog...The post had to come down but I didn't want it to go away**

Here's a blog that I have been thinking of writing for a while but hesitated. Its about a photo shoot gone wrong. Due to the influence of a close friend of mine who modeled, I decided to try to get into the modeling thing myself in 2005. It was on my second photo shoot that I quickly changed my mind.

I went onto OMP, a popular industry site for models, photographers, make-up artists, and I found a photographer who had GORGEOUS photos. We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone. He was very warm and friendly and had a very feminine twang to his speech. He made sure to confirm that he was gay by letting me know how he pretty much was not a fan of having a "boyfriend" at the moment and was just having fun playing the field. He also let it "slip" that he was 18 years old but told me not to tell anyone. We set up a date for the shoot and it was on!

The shoot was at his apartment in Miami Beach. When I walked in, I was surprised to see that Mr. Photog Man looked like he was in his mid-30s. I was also sort of surprised to see he was a black man considering that the name he gave me made me imagine him as a pale white Russian dude. But "Oh well." He went into his kitchen and handed me one of two red drinks. I asked "What is it?" and he simply said "Girl, its a special little thing I made for you." Being cautious by nature, I took a couple of pretend sips of the drink. Throughout the shoot he acted offended and would say, "You're not drinkin' my drink :( I can't believe you don't like my drink."I assured him that I was just naturally a slow sipper and we moved on.

He sat me down to show me a website of some of his photographs and also told me a bit about his background. He originally started off traveling around with Cameron Diaz as her personal masseuse. Photography was just a hobby. Basically, his photography career started when he went on Howard Stern to talk about being Cameron Diaz's masseuse and he accidentally let it slip that he was a photographer. From that moment on, he had calls and more requests for photo shoot appointments than he could handle. He began to focus on photography full time.

At some point during the shoot, I made sure to call my boyfriend in front of Mr. Photog Man to confirm a time for him to pick me up and go to a movie straight after the photoshoot. I told him the exact address, including the apartment number, just so Mr. Photog Man would know someone was gonna come looking for me. I then made sure to call my mom back in front of Mr. Photog Man to let her know I was in a photo shoot in Miami Beach.

On to the next outfit: a bikini. At times, Mr. Photog Man would tell me things like, "Give me a sexy, serious look. Sexier....Like you wanna fuck me. No, no, no. Like you wanna suck my dick!" Hmm...odd. "Oh well," again. He's gay. That's what I kept telling myself.

At moments throughout the shoot, Mr. Photog Man would "fix" my boobs by reaching his hand into my top and pulling my breasts up and out. At one point while i was sitting in a chair, Mr. Photog Man walked over to "fix" my bikini bottom. He slipped his fingers into the bottom piece and made full contact with - parts he had no business touching. Red flags, red flags! I tried to make sense of it. "Ehhh...maybe he's just really fixing my bikini bottom. He IS gay, after all."

During the shoot, Mr. Photog Man went on and on about how great he thought I was and how he was going to put me in his August piece in Maxim. He also wanted to take me with him to New York, Paris, blah, blah and blah. At one point he glanced down at my pedicured toes and told me "that's it!" he just loved me....i just earned myself one of his special, very sought-after massages at the end of the shoot. I figured I can just stall to prevent that from happening. Well, finally the time came! "Take off your clothes, go lay down in the bed face down and wait for me." He walked away and left me alone. I didn't want to offend him. I was supposed to be happy to get one of his massages. Right? So many people want one and can't get one. Ok. I took off my top but left my jeans on and laid face down. He walked in and was like "You still have your jeans on!"

I told him I didn't need a full body massage...Just my back would be fine. He told me to at least unbutton my jeans so he can have better access to my lower back. Ok, fine. He covered my bottom have with a towel, anyway and proceeded with the massage. At one point, he took the liberty of lowering my jeans underneath the towel. I was tense and stiff as a board at this point. What. the. fuck. is going on here? It doesn't make sense. There had to be a reasonable explanation. As he massaged my thighs, he went a bit too high, and once again made contact. Finally, my phone rang. My boyfriend was downstairs waiting to pick me up! I was free!

I received confirmation that Mr. Photog ManMr. Photog Man. No such person. I looked up the site he showed me of "his pictures" to get some of his info. Turns out the photographer who runs that site (and shares the same name he gave me) is a blond chick. I discovered a myspace page of his at the time that revealed his real age was mid-30s, Orientation: Straight, Quote: "And your man thinks you're on a photo shoot. lol." I called him to question him and ask him where I can verify any of the credentials he gave me. He was offended and when I showed no concern and continued to question him, he quickly said "Gotta go! Thank you!" and hung up. I called him back and left a message trembling with rage. I basically told him we can do this the easy way and he can just give me any of my photos back...or I can get lawyers involved. He quickly called back and let me know that I had misunderstood him. What he said before we hung up was that he was in a meeting and would call me back :/ He told me what I can google to find proof of any of the things he told me. We hung up. I googled. Nothing. So I picked up the phone to call my lawyer. A small investigation had to be carried out to find out any information possible on Mr. Photog Man based on the info I could provide. All I had was his name, address and cell phone number. Nothing came up. Couldn't find a last name...couldn't trace anything about him. Of course, the name he gave me is probably not really his name.

It was about a month after that I had my first of a series of anxiety attacks. I went on a downward spiral which left me with no appetite, looking like skin and bones, constant anxiety, depression and just a very bad, dark time in my life. I don't believe that this experience was the sole cause of this form of a nervous breakdown I had, but it definitely contributed. I am just thankful that my experience was so mild. A friend of mine forwarded me a myspace page she found that was created in name of all his victims. There have been several victims and many have actually been drugged and raped. I try not to lose sight of how fortunate I was that I did not drink that drink and that some "touching" was all he was able to do to me. Yes, he violated me. But he raped others. Take a look at the link to the myspace page above.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update: Massage Envy in South Beach

Update on my posting about Massage Envy coming to Miami Beach: Massage Envy in South Beach is NOW OPEN! I can now walk to get my massages! Woohoo!

One warning: The staff here is a bit more aggressive about booking your appointments than other locations. They answer the phone asking "Would you like to schedule a massage or a facial?" and at the end of your massage, while you're paying for your visit, they ask you if you want to schedule your next appointment. I will call you when I have a better idea of my future schedule.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Manilla: Never Miss a Bill Payment Again

I found a site! This site is called

You can link all your billing accounts to your page and it shows you a summary of your bills, along with information such as whether each is paid, which bill is due, when it's due by, etc. It automatically updates this information. You are not required to manually input anything. I believe it also emails you and reminds you that a bill's due date is coming up and you still have to pay.

It has hundreds (or maybe it's thousands) of different accounts you can manage with Manilla. For example, you can add accounts like: FPL (electricity), AT&T U-verse, credit cards, student loan, etc.

Hope someone who reads this finds this just as helpful as I did! If you do, let me know!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kayaking at Boo Moon Outdoor Center - Wah Wah

CC by Let Ideas Compete

The above pictured could've been me - but Blue Moon Outdoor Center had different plans.

A few months ago I had a LivingSocial certificate for a 3-hour kayak rental at Blue Moon Outdoor Center at Oleta River State Park in North Miami. It was set to expire the Sunday after my birthday, which was going to be a busy weekend. I was notified a couple of weeks before the expiration date so it really only left me with 2 weekends to choose from: one that was incovenient and then the weekend of my birthday (also inconvenient).

I called just before the last weekend to ask about extending the deadline another week. The answer was no. Then I asked if I could use the value that I had paid ($20) towards the regular full price. The answer was no. I was annoyed so I wrote the following email to the Blue Moon Outdoor Center:

Hello. I just called a few minutes ago about a LivingSocial deal that I purchased for a 3 hour kayak rental. It expired this weekend, which I only realized last week but was unable to to redeem. The person I spoke to told me that he was unable to extend the deadline to redeem the certificate but was only able to give me a 10% discount which would be a whopping $2.50 off a ONE hour kayak rental of $25. I think I should at least be offered a discount of the amount I already paid for the deal ($20) like other businesses do. 10% off something I already paid for is not an incentive. Please let me know what you can do for me. Thank you!

I got no response.

So, I decided to write to Living Social. Again...nothing.

Pretty much, in my mind, I have come to terms with the fact that $20 slipped out of my back pocket and was picked up by some lucky mofo who walked my path right after me.

The only difference between the outcome of that scenario and the actual one is that I all of a sudden decided that the next time I go rent a kayak, I won't be going to Blue Moon Outdoor Center because I have this weird feeling that they will rob me of $20 on top of whatever would be the price of my rental. Strange feeling to come out of no where, I know.