Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kayaking at Boo Moon Outdoor Center - Wah Wah

CC by Let Ideas Compete

The above pictured could've been me - but Blue Moon Outdoor Center had different plans.

A few months ago I had a LivingSocial certificate for a 3-hour kayak rental at Blue Moon Outdoor Center at Oleta River State Park in North Miami. It was set to expire the Sunday after my birthday, which was going to be a busy weekend. I was notified a couple of weeks before the expiration date so it really only left me with 2 weekends to choose from: one that was incovenient and then the weekend of my birthday (also inconvenient).

I called just before the last weekend to ask about extending the deadline another week. The answer was no. Then I asked if I could use the value that I had paid ($20) towards the regular full price. The answer was no. I was annoyed so I wrote the following email to the Blue Moon Outdoor Center:

Hello. I just called a few minutes ago about a LivingSocial deal that I purchased for a 3 hour kayak rental. It expired this weekend, which I only realized last week but was unable to to redeem. The person I spoke to told me that he was unable to extend the deadline to redeem the certificate but was only able to give me a 10% discount which would be a whopping $2.50 off a ONE hour kayak rental of $25. I think I should at least be offered a discount of the amount I already paid for the deal ($20) like other businesses do. 10% off something I already paid for is not an incentive. Please let me know what you can do for me. Thank you!

I got no response.

So, I decided to write to Living Social. Again...nothing.

Pretty much, in my mind, I have come to terms with the fact that $20 slipped out of my back pocket and was picked up by some lucky mofo who walked my path right after me.

The only difference between the outcome of that scenario and the actual one is that I all of a sudden decided that the next time I go rent a kayak, I won't be going to Blue Moon Outdoor Center because I have this weird feeling that they will rob me of $20 on top of whatever would be the price of my rental. Strange feeling to come out of no where, I know.