Friday, October 9, 2009

Annoying Things People Say, Misuse or Mispronounce

I get annoyed pretty easily. This is a fact. Some of the things I can’t stand are when people mispronounce common words, when they use obnoxious phrases or they just say stupid shit that even my 5 year old niece knows better than to say.

Some mispronounced words that are pretty annoying:

Old-Timers Disease (or sometimes all-hymers)
I can understand to a certain degree that many people may be ignorant of the disease but…lets get this lesson out of the way already…its…Alzheimer’s Disease. Yes, old-timers are usually the victims of it but…no, that’s not what it’s called.

Concentrate…Per-so-na-li-ty. My name happens to be Natalie…stop calling me by accident.

       Valentime's Day 
       It's Valentine's Day, stupid. 

Annoying phrases:

I could care less
You could? So…you care a lot and it could only go down from here? Its “I couldn’t care less.”

That’s What’s Up
This is just a personal one. I used to know someone who would use this for every fuckin thing I would say and it made me what to stab him in the throat every time he said it.

A Spanish phrase for the road:

Te llamo para atras
This makes me crazy. When you are hanging up with someone and you promise to call back…saying the above phrase is pretty much promising them that you will call them backwards. It’s just ghetto Spanish.

Which misused/mispronounced phrases or words do you think are the most annoying?