Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have to Vent about MOB Wives Season 3 Finale

I know I never post here anymore but I wanted to vent about the Season 3 finale of MOB Wives that just aired a few days ago....and then send it off into the cyber world and see if anyone has anything to say about it.
I can't STAND Love (not sure how thats her name, BTW). Love is a bully. A trashy bully. She gets high off of proving she's tough. I can't believe she pulled such a bitch move on Carla when she was trying to talk to her and did nothing to taunt her. She's like a child who doesn't think. Even if her made up reasons for not liking Carla were true, they are ridiculous.
Renee is partly to blame for this since she totally made up that Carla wasn't going to the botox party because she had an issue with Love. I hope she feels bad about instigating now. I do love that Carla stood her ground. Yes, everyone warned her about Love's temper, but I love that it didn't make her scared to be around her, go talk to her, etc. When the fight broke out, she was on her own and went NUTS swinging! Good for you, Carla!
I feel like every other so-called bad ass was scared of Love and trying not to upset her.
Drita: I was disappointed to see how little she defended Carla when everyone would talk about her this season, especially after Carla spent all of last season having Drita's back. Drita barely even seemed upset that Love attacked her friend at her party. She was really pissed when she thought someone in her family could be in the fight but then she finds out it was between Carla and Love and was like "Oh." Drita didn't say one bad thing about Love (at least on camera) after that fight broke out at her party. All she said was "I'm not happy about this." But not one word about being angry at her.
Karen: Couldn't even tell Love that she fucked up by doing what she did at the party. Instead she just says "yeah i dont like her either but i told her i was taking you guys to talk". At some point she even tells her "I understand where you're coming from." Stop kissing her ass.
No one will step up to Love and tell her that she's wrong or that she sucks.
Fortunately, Love was fired and won't be coming back next season! She apparently was also not allowed to go on the reunion. Score!
If anyone reads this and has an opinion on the topic, talk to me!