Monday, November 22, 2010

What's Up with the Huge Pink Snails around Miami Beach?

A couple of days ago I started noticing some big, bold, magenta-colored snails placed in random spots around Miami Beach. I asked my boyfriend about them and he said maybe they had something to do with Art Basel. Maybe.

Then I asked my sister-in-law. She said "I don't know! But now that I hear you say "Pink Snails" out loud, I realize that I saw a sign that said and I thought 'What a weird name for a salon'." Jackpot!

Its called the REgeneration Art Project by the Cracking Art Group (an international art collective) and the Galleria Ca d'Oro in Rome. The project placed 45, enormous pink snails in Miami Beach, and they'll be here until January. The snail is used to symbolize nature and they are made up of recycled artificial material. The purpose is to make people question their meaning (of course) and start talking about them to one another. Ultimately, they'd find out the meaning of the snails and start thinking about the impact that recycling has on the environment. Then, hopefully, us residents of Miami Beach will become motivated to rebuild our city in a fun, animated way with consideration for our environment.

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