Friday, September 2, 2011

CityPockets: A Deal-Site-Addict's Savior

All those deal sites that exist now (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc) have forever changed the way I shop. Every time a new deal site is born into the world (which happens constantly), I sign up. By now, I probably subscribe to about 10 of them (that's for serious).

What that means for me is: 
I'm constantly receiving different deals on all sorts of different products, services, restaurants, etc. Cheers to that! I get to try things I've always wanted to do but found too expensive at regular price (i.e. acupuncture).

With all the different deal sites I subscribe to, it starts getting difficult for me to keep track of all my purchases that are just sitting and waiting to be used. Uber messy.

Someone who has been watching me and wanted to make me happy invented
CityPockets is a site where you pretty much keep all your different deal site accounts in order. They organize the different pending deals you've purchased but have not yet used; they display a list of different deals available for purchase; they give you the option of selling your unused deal; they're FRIGGIN awesome. Exactly what I needed!!!

I hope someone else reading this finds this just as helpful as I did.