Thursday, March 10, 2011

Massage Envy is Coming to South Beach!

If you live in or near South Beach and are a member of Massage Envy, get your wee wee pads out, you’re about to get excited!

I became a member at Massage Envy about 2 years ago. They have locations all over the US and if you’re a member you can use the facilities in any location. The benefits to being a member:
  • You get a prepaid massage once a month for $59 per month.
  • If you don’t use one of your massages by the next monthly billing, your massage rolls over and you accumulate them.
Right now I probably have about 5 prepaid massages waiting to be used up. I would love to go use ‘em up but unfortunately, I live in South Beach and the closest Massage Envy to me is in Coral Gables. That’s not really close by as it is, but even worse going through rush hour traffic after I get out of work. I finally made time to go get a massage the day before yesterday. As I was checking out after my massage, the lady was looking up my account to see if I had any prepaid massages to discount that day’s session and she said “Wow, you have a lot of prepaids available!” and I told her, “I know. You guys need to get a Massage Envy closer to where I live in South Beach.” The guy standing beside her was like “Oh, we’re opening a Massage Envy in South Beach in July.” WHAT?!?!? Someone heard me wish upon a freakin’ star! Then he said, “Yeah. Its gonna be on Alton and 15th.” WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?!? That’s uber close to where I live (no specifics will be given out for all those stalkers out there who have any intention of trying to kidnap my adorable ass and perch me up on a shelf at home)! Not only will they be opening that one in South Beach…but they’ll also be opening one in Brickell…for anyone out there who lives near Brickell.


September 2nd, 2011

It's now September and there is still no Massage Envy in South Beach. Fortunately....I do see where it is going to be located. It will NOT be located on Alton and 15th. It is going to be on 17th street, near Meridian. Whatever the case may be - finish already!!!

******Update****** February 15, 2012