Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lovin' Bruno Mars

CC by Brothers Le
I have become obsessed with Bruno Mars. Embarrassingly so. I don't even recognize myself! I feel like a young teenager who isthisclose to putting his posters up on my wall and searching through the different celebrity addresses in Tiger Beat so I can write him fan mail. But no. Keep it cool, Me! You'd be one in a million who already do that.
No, but really, I'm not a groupie bitch. Never have been. Yeah, i get excited if I see anyone mildly famous, but that's only when I'm in their presence. Also, as my best friend kindly pointed out, I'm an "old bitch" and I need to quit. Not old - but too old for this behavior.
So what makes Bruno Mars so fascinating to me? For starters, I fell in love with his voice since I heard "Billionaire." Then I saw him. I was surprised to see that he bears a striking resemblance to my boyfriend.  They even have a similar style - which I appreciate. Ahhh, he's a version of my boyfriend who sings beautifully. Hot. No further questions, your honor.