Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I Fixed the Nook "User not activated" Error

CC by felishumanus

Yesterday I wrote a blog on my Thoughts on My New Nook E-reader and mentioned how I kept getting a "User not activated" error every time I tried to open a book on my Nook. Well, I fixed the problem last night! Just one simple list of instructions wasn't fixing my problem because they weren't written for people with Macs. We have other steps we need to follow in addition to the list they shared. Should you be someone that stumbled upon this post because you're experiencing the same problem, this was the solution that worked for me: 

On a mac, one of the folders you need to delete will be hidden because it begins with a period.  Use these instructions to show all files on a mac so you can see that folder (i'll tell you exactly which folders to delete in a second).

1. Make sure "Adobe Digital Editions" is closed
2. Connect Nook to Mac
3. Go into the Nook drive that opens on your desktop.
4. Delete these directories in the Nook drive:  "Digital Editions" and ".adobe_digital_editions" folder 
5. Empty the "Trash"
6. Open "Adobe Digital Editions"
7. Reauthorize

If you have any problems, let me know. Maybe I can help.