Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Love the MyTouch!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got my new Mytouch and I gotta say…I am NOT sad. I thought I might miss having my cool sidekick that opens up like a switch blade, but no. Most of the differences that I have experienced with the Mytouch are good.
  • Love the apps! I didn’t even understand what apps were a few weeks ago. I would always hear about them: “Apps this, apps that” but I just had no interest in finding out what they were. Well, I get it now. I love them!!! AND…so many of them are FREE!!!
  • You can open multiple windows in your web browser (sidekick didn’t let me do this)
There are only a couple of things I have some difficulty with.
  • Typing on the touch screen; I was so used to the QWERTY board that I could type without looking. Now, the touch screen in combination with the automatic spell checker has made me send a couple of texts to my boyfriend that say “Mean!” instead of “Mwa!”
  • The Camera has no flash :(
Despite these cons, I LOVE the Mytouch! It has great battery life, so many entertaining options and lots of free stuff…myfavorite.