Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beauty and Make-up Myths

There have been all kinds of beauty myths and warnings about make-up, hair and skin. I’m sure you have heard your share. I researched a few and below I have separated some of the most common beauty myths from the facts.

Drinking plenty of water clears up skin break-outs.
False. Water does hydrate your skin but it really does not have any association with the appearance of (or lack-there-of) blemishes.

If you do not take off your mascara, your lashes will fall off.
Yes. The mascara will clog the lash follicles and they will start to break.

It is important that you wash your face in the morning and at night even if you do not have any make-up on.
True. I know this can be a pain, especially when you’re tired and just want to fall asleep at night or you wake up and rush out the door because you’re running late or you just like to sleep till the very last possible second. Maybe some quick facial cloths can be the solution.

The best place to match a foundation to your skin tone is on your inner wrist.
Wrong-o. The best place to test the shade of foundation is on your jaw line. Take the color of your chest into consideration as well.

 You should throw out make-up products after a certain period of time.

Nope. There is no specific life expectancy for make-up products. Just use your best judgment for this and be aware of any changes in the consistency, color and smell of the product.

The proper amount of sleep will get rid of under-eye circles or puffiness.
Sorry, Charlie. Nope. There are products you can use that will help but sleep is not a natural remedy.

Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to keep hair healthy.
Not necessary. In order to keep your hair healthy, just take care of your hair. When split ends appear (which could be up to 12 weeks later), then give it a trim.

Rinse your hair with water before going into a pool to reduce damage.
Yup. You don’t want the first thing that your hair absorbs to be chlorine.

It is best to wash hair once a week.
True-dis. Your scalp’s natural oils are the best conditioner for your hair.

Spritzing water on your face freshens up make-up.
Hell no. All it does is potentially smear or streak.