Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Harsh Reality

I have no idea why anybody would sign up to do such a thing, but there is always someone who will. This site that I recently learned about called is a place where people can set up a profile for themselves and invite friends to anonymously tell them how they really feel about their personalities. I, personally, can be pretty hard on myself (as my father says, “my own worst critic”), so I don’t need anyone to help pull my ass down to earth. Sorta how the Facebook status update bar asks “What’s on your mind?” the homepage has its main, central question in large, bolded font: “What is wrong with me?” 
Seriously? Am I the only person who doesn’t get this? Although they describe it as a place to receive “constructive criticism” so we may improve, it feels like a place to butcher your self esteem. No thanks. I’d like a site that allows someone to pet me and tell me I’m the best. Now, don’t get it twisted, if someone I know creates a profile, I’ll participate in the “constructive criticism.” After all, if they sign up for this crap, they’re asking for it; I just won’t be the person with the profile.
What are your thoughts on Do you or anyone you know have a profile on

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